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Wondersoft offers the best grocery billing software that is perfect for supermarkets. Our software gives complete control over the business and is in perfect compliance with the industry standards. Wondersoft fully understands the need for convenience and efficiency in any industry. It is for this reason we have come up with a wide range of services that meet the required standards. 

Top Features


Price Checker & Weighing Scale

Value Adds to Any Supermarket/Hypermarkets

Let the customer check the price of a product before proceeding to the billing. Let them view the product stock details. Export sale price or offer price as applicable to the weighing machine. Generate barcode based on the details exported to the weighing machine.


Coupons & Promotions

Wondersoft Coupon Management System helps to

Setup your own Coupon configuration, integrate with 3rd party coupon systems, manage coupons effectively at a centralized location. Send customized SMS/e-mail to the customers on promotions. Capability of using coupons as a tender mode.



Equip your workforce with HHT (Hand Held Terminals)

Use handheld terminals to check the inventory randomly. Integrate HHT to various other modules like Purchase, Purchase Return, Stock Transfers, Stock Audit. The integrated modules will sync immediately to the central database. Complete guidance from our team on device integration.

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