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Weather your specialty is a book store or a stationery shop or a shoe store or a chain of shops spanning many locations, Wondersoft’s Specialty Retail POS manages operations efficiently in a simple manner. Running a specialty Retail involves countless complicated chores to be conducted daily. When your focus remains on completing these tasks, it takes away attention from factors that really matter. This is where our management software steps in! It handles the little, but essential, elements.

Top Features


Loyalty Management System

Retain the Customers, Repeat the Sales & Raise the bar. Wondersoft’s Loyalty Management helps you to 

Setup your own loyalty configuration, integrate with 3rd party loyalty systems, manage earning & burning effectively from a central location,  customized SMS/e-mail to the customers. The POS is also capable of handling loyalty points, gift vouchers, gift cards.


Random Inventory Check

Wondersoft’s fully automated random inventory check is capable of 

Following the random day algorithm to push the Inventory check during any time of the day. Including Product variations, conditions (like fragile , past discrepancy) for the inventory check. The system would send the mismatch report to the concerned personnel.


Feedback Management

Customer Feedback Management is one of the crucial elements for customer retention

Send feedback link through an SMS/email after configurable seconds after the bill is raised. Feedback link is available for configurable days. Customer details are not exposed in the feedback link. Feedback reports too are sent as sms/email to the concerned users.

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