Supermarket Billing,Grocery Store POS & Inventory System gives full control on your business

Wondersoft offers the best grocery billing software that is perfect for supermarkets. Our software gives you complete control over your business and is in perfect compliance with the industry standards. Wondersoft fully understands the need for convenience and efficiency in any industry. It is for this reason we have come up with a wide range of services that meet the required standard. Call Wondersoft to know more about provision store billing software for your needs.

Wondersoft’s POS Systems For Retail Offers The Following Features:

Safe and robust POS

Wondersoft’s touch screen eShopAid feature is compatible with handheld electronic device. This application assists in billing, petty change disbursal, bill cancellation and collaboration with call centers. We also take immense pride in providing the latest services to clients. Some of them include barcode scanning and quick generation of reports. Our sync-enable feature has proven to be a popular feature among retailers. Label printing and shelf ticketing are our latest additions.

Managing Inventory

Wondersoft’s Shopaid.Net assists in handling high-volume and autonomous outlets. Starting from POS transaction, billing to stock management, we meet all your demands for running a successful business. We help your business keep track of non-moving items, perishable goods and items past their expiry date. Our stock movement and multi-location stock handling option, promises accurate and detailed inventory details. Avail the packing and repacking facilities from Wondersoft through our Retail POS.