Are You Considering Getting Salon POS Software?

Pos software for hair salon from Wondersoft

Big or small, the size doesn’t matter, business experts agree that using a salon management software can help improve your daily salon operations by a mile. It even improves your revenue and helps you build stronger relationships with your loyal customers. The salon software India offers many new features that can help you improve the daily running of your business as well, including keeping a better eye on the productivity level of your employees.

One of the best features offered by salon software is its ability to allow your customers to book their appointments online. However, if they do not turn up for the appointment, this can cause a loss of revenue for you, as the salon owner. The latest salon software in the market offers you different avenues to remind the customer of their upcoming appointment at the salon, thereby also offering them the chance to cancel in case they are not sure whether they will make it. Instead of hiring an employee to call up each customer, you can send out SMS messages or emails at the click of a button and save plenty of time and money as well.

Salon Management Software: Yes or No?

As the owner of a beauty salon, you must be constantly looking at different ways to reduce running costs and improve the revenue at the same time. Having an inventory software for retail on hand can help bring down your worries, as it helps you keep track of all the products that you have at your salon, and keep an eye on its usage and re-order accordingly. Salon management software also includes plenty of other useful features that can help you improve your revenue as seen below:

Desktop with Wondersoft Salon Management software in a salon Attract Customers With Loyalty Points

Salon software scan helps you award loyalty points to your customers on each visit, which they can redeem after reaching a particular goal. This is actually beneficial to the salon in the long run, as it encourages your customers to keep coming back in an attempt to score more points and receive exemplary service at the same time.

Keep Track Of Employee Productivity

Modern salon software includes features to keep track of your employees’ absences as well as the time during which they are productive. It can help you decide whether or not to continue with the current number of employees or hire more, in case you have a larger rush of customers. The software also generates reports that can help determine when the rush hours at your salon will be, giving you an indication as to when to hire extra help if required.

Sending Reminders To Customers

One of the biggest losses that every salon reports on having to undergo is when customers do not turn up for their booked appointments. One way of reducing this is by sending reminders to your customers about their upcoming reminders, because 9 out of 10 times, customers tend to forget about the appointment they had made ages ago. The sending text feature in the salon software helps override these issues by sending out regular messages to every customer who has an appointment booked, a day ahead of the actual appointment. This gives your customers enough time to cancel and for you to find a new customer instead as well.