Salon Management Software For Premium Salons & Spas Of Today

The Salon Software from Wondersoft eases out many day-to-day hassles that the Salon & Spa of today face. We understand what this industry and our clients need for their speciality line and offer a customised solution that will help reducing your paperwork to a great deal. We insist on simplicity, and yet our products are created using high-end technology. We customise your requirements in order to bring out the best in your business.

Salon appointment booking and POS software

A Salon POS can transform the business of any spa and parlour. The industry is dependent on planning and organising the day’s appointment beforehand. It ensures stylists and equipment are neither always free nor double booked. A POS can provide this capability. Moreover, walk-ins are part and parcel of spa life, and they need to be adjusted to the schedule, or you risk losing patrons. A management software can help with scheduling too!

Where does e-shop aid by Wondersoft step in? From automating sales to generating reports, from balancing accounts to utmost data security, the Point of Sale software does it all. Let’s take a look at the fantastic tools it offers a spa.

Features of Salon software

The leading retail pos software provider Wondersoft offers salon POS system that will make running a Salon into a easy task for the owners. Here are a few of the tantalising benefits:
Appointment Tracking We provide touch-screen based appointment booking that comes with a calendar view. Your customers receive confirmation through SMS or email. Wondersoft helps your business succeed by incorporating all the facilities on mobile phones. We take pride in easing your life and ensuring hassle-free transactions. Through our eShopAid, we help you manage petty change management, billing-including cancellation and appointment modification to accommodate any changes.