Salon Management Software For Premium Salons & Spas Of Today

The Salon Software from Wondersoft eases out many day-to-day hassles that the Salon & Spa of today face. We understand what this industry and our clients need for their speciality line and offer a customised solution that will help reducing your paperwork to a great deal. We insist on simplicity, and yet our products are created using high-end technology. We customise your requirements in order to bring out the best in your business.

Salon appointment booking and POS software

A Salon POS can transform the business of any spa and parlour. The industry is dependent on planning and organising the day’s appointment beforehand. It ensures stylists and equipment are neither always free nor double booked. A POS can provide this capability. Moreover, walk-ins are part and parcel of spa life, and they need to be adjusted to the schedule, or you risk losing patrons. A management software can help with scheduling too!

Where does e-shop aid by Wondersoft step in? From automating sales to generating reports, from balancing accounts to utmost data security, the Point of Sale software does it all. Let’s take a look at the fantastic tools it offers a spa.

Features of Salon software

The leading retail pos software provider Wondersoft offers salon POS system that will make running a Salon into a easy task for the owners. Here are a few of the tantalising benefits:
Appointment Tracking We provide touch-screen based appointment booking that comes with a calendar view. Your customers receive confirmation through SMS or email. Wondersoft helps your business succeed by incorporating all the facilities on mobile phones. We take pride in easing your life and ensuring hassle-free transactions. Through our eShopAid, we help you manage petty change management, billing-including cancellation and appointment modification to accommodate any changes.

Employee satisfaction With Wondersoft, it is easy to keep track of your employee’s efforts and reward their success. From printing employee roster to knowing the skill level of each, Wondersoft’s POS is an expert at managing spa workers. Our scheduled appointment booking makes it easier to offer employee bonus points, incentives and announce the star of the day.

Customer is King (or Queen!)Customer Management We understand that customer retention is important. Knowing your clients can make a huge difference in a spa. When the patrons feel that you are aware of the hair colour they prefer, the massage therapy they like or any other personal choice, they become loyal.The POS allows you to make all clients feel special by collecting all data from previous visits such as:
  • Contact information
  • Retail sales
  • Appointment days and times
  • History of all services taken
  • Any special notes

haircut details Keeping this in mind, our software manages previous visit history of your customers, important occasions, and their favourite brand, colour & haircut details. This adds a bit of personal touch to your salon.
Our Promotion Engine curates the relevant offer detail to your customer. Our eShopAid aims at strengthening your ties with your customers. Promotional offers, loyalty rewards and point redemption are our special highlights.

Service Management Many customers prefer getting their salon services done by a skilled employee. With this idea, we offer variety of gift vouchers, membership cards and packages.
Benefits of our eShopAid include:
  • Real-time data availability
  • Ability to work during connection disruption
  • Auto sync on resuming power

Incentives for clients Call Wondersoft for a virtual demo or to know more about securing your customers. We help you with loyalty programs, incentives, regular member bonuses, and more for a successful organisation. Our salon inventory management software and appointment booking software will make sure that your salon is filled with customers the whole year round. Another reason why you should use the salon software
POS The best part of the e-Shop Aid software by Wondersoft is its POS capability. It turns any computer into a cash and sales checkpoint. The solution allows for completing a transaction in a matter of seconds. Few of the features of the point of sale tool are:
  • GST invoice creation
  • Balancing cash drawer automatically
  • Billing – online and offline
  • Instantaneous sales calculation
  • Handle discounts, gift cards, promotions, refunds, etc.

Like many other businesses, spa and salons need to keep a close track of their stock, especially because some of the items are highly expirable. Furthermore, using an expired product on a customer is a major faux pas. It means that one has to ensure that the inventory is well stocked with consumable products at all times. The POS software allows it by:

  • Keeping track of every product sold or used.
  • Re-ordering items when they fall below a set level.
  • Bar code items meant for sales.

Wondersoft’s POS is HTTPS configured, comes with password policy and offers an audit and event log. All these features ensure that not only is your customer data secure but also the entire salon!


Knowing how well your salon is performing is mandatory for expanding the business. The e-shop aid solution assists you in this endeavour by offering reports such as:

  • Appointment
  • Ticket
  • KPI
  • Sales Rep
  • Stock Movement
CRM Module

To help manage your salon customer database, a comprehensive CRM module is added to the POS. It now only includes every information about the patron but also aspects like SMS management, promotions, and coupon management. Under the CRM module, the few vital features included are:

  • Prepaid Card Management
  • Gift Card Management
  • Customer Purchase History
Membership billing

The key to owning and running a profitable and well-known spa or salon is happy clients. To that end, the POS solution by Wondersoft brings a unique feature that allows patrons to be members of your spa. Instead of billing them for every visit, a membership bill can be created that includes special offers curated just for them!