The Best Restaurant Management System With POS Features

Running a restaurant involves a lot of factors that needs to be managed with a great care. For over two decades, Wondersoft has worked with several top chains of restaurants to furnish them with comprehensive restaurant pos systems. We suggest our ShopAid software that is compatible with all mobile phones and has a distinct touch-screen POS. It is best-suited for retail outlets and restaurant chain spread across different geographical locations. Our highly versatile open source restaurant management system can be used in any kind of dining establishments, ranging from the comfy and small diners to the most expensive restaurants.

Restaurant Software To Help Out With The Inventory Management

A pioneer in the industry, we are a household name for both upcoming as well as established hotels. Our Restaurant POS Software includes the following features:
eShopAid for POS and billing
We have designed a smart yet simple restaurant billing software that is the perfect retail solution to handle high volumes of traffic. Whether it is a New Year’s gathering or a regular weekend crowd, manage your billing, sales and order management with Wondersoft’s eShopAid. Benefits like end to end functionality, user-friendly and offline solutions are guaranteed by Wondersoft.
Inventory Control And Management Whether you own a fancy café, restaurant or a chain of hotels, Wondersoft provides you with the right tools and software to help you focus on the business part. We work behind-the-scenes, so you do not have to sweat it out over the small stuff. Through our inventory module, you can keep track of products, make local purchases, check for fast moving or expired stock and replenish them.

Order and Distribution Management Equip your staff with a handheld tablet to enable efficient placing of orders. It is messy to work with paper and keep track of each customer’s orders. There are no duplicate entries and erroneous data. For quick and efficient customer service, Let Wondersoft take care of your business.

KOT Management Right from placing an order, to billing, our mobile applications ensure there are no loopholes in your business. We also help you keep track of sales on a daily and monthly basis. Hourly sales, attractive dashboards, and colour based audit reports are our speciality. Whether you are a number person or prefer to study charts, we have a complete list of solutions just for you. Creating reports have never been easier!

Recipe management
Wondersoft has proved to be instrumental in chalking out recipes for the raw products available in the kitchen pantry. We deal in end-to-end production processes, tracking of food wastage as well as food costs.
Connecting with customers
Know your customer and curate special deals for them with our Loyalty Solutions. This tool strengthens your relationship with a customer and offers them loyalty points. We even plan out dedicated campaigns like Weekend rush, Happy hours and festive rush.

Rock Customer Relations With Restaurant POS Software From Wondersoft

Customer relation is an important part of the restaurant industry.For effective customer relation, we have included exceptional features in the software like regular and effective promotional offers as combos, gift vouchers, coupons, redemption's and other add-on order promotions for customers. We help you to make sure that your customers keep coming back for more!