Key trends brought by the modern retail POS software


These days, it is common to see the sales representatives at retail outlets use a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet or a scanner to process a sale. Basically, the integration of an effective POS solution at a store will bring in many benefits. It will help businesses take customer satisfaction to the next level so that they become returning customers, which is a very important feat to achieve. With the advancements in technology, retail POS (Point of Sale) solutions have witnessed many changes. Eventually, the concept of a POS system is changing and setting in new trends to help businesses as detailed below.

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Store management software can capture customer data

POS solutions are becoming smarter by the day. By saying smarter we mean that the software is capable of gathering information pertaining to customers in an attempt to increase sales. The sales representatives will be prompted to key in the customers’ demographic details such as age, gender, phone number and address. Also, it can be promoted to collect only specific customer information whenever a particular product is purchased. Even if the sales representative is not able to ask customers for specific details, the POS solution can link the demographic information to the purchase.

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With the popularity of such solutions, many retailers are deploying mobile retail POS solutions. It is the best alternative to the checkout process. It lets you process the sale right on your mobile phone without any glitch. But before implementing a mobile retail POS solution, it is important to consider a few factors such as,

  • Ability to process credit cards
  • Ability to record customers’ signature
  • Capability of authorizing transactions
  • Ability to deliver receipts


Once you find that the mobile POS software that you want to use is capable of all these and can perform all the tasks efficiently, you can use it in your store for faster processing of sales. Usually, high-end retailers use an effective mobile POS solution that will let their customers feel comfortable rather than waiting for long to purchase what they want.


Understand both online and offline store management software

Store management software is available both online and offline. The online POS solutions process sales transactions via a central system. Whenever a POS system processes a sale, the same is communicated with the central system. This relays the product information, customer information, price and other details back to the store’s retail POS system. On the contrary, offline store management software is self-contained and can operate without any connection. It can complete a sale without connecting to any type of central system.


If you are using an online POS software, you cannot bring the central system to your store ay anytime. This requires the retail POS system to be self-contained. But the drawback of the offline POS system is that it doesn’t let you manage the inventory at various locations, which is a key advantage of using an online POS system.


Retail POS software offers flexibility to complete special orders

Traditionally, to complete a sale, retailers have to scan the item, ring up the cost and get the payment from the customer. But the retail POS software is advanced and has various workflows. With such a system in place, retailers can complete the sale when the customer has placed an order online and wants to pay for it in the store or paid online and wants to pick up the order from the store. The central POS system will know the status of the payment, when the order was delivered or when the customer has picked it up.

These are a few top trends that have been evolved by the POS systems and are changing the retail landscape drastically.