A Footwear Billing Software To Walk The Talk

A small shoe store or a chain of shops spanning many locations, with Wondersoft’s footwear PoS managing operation, efficiently, is a simple matter. Running a shoe store involves countless complicated chores to be conducted daily. When your focus remains on completing these tasks, it takes away attention from factors that really matter. This is where a footwear management software by us steps in! It handles the little, but essential, elements like size, colour, price, design while you get to pay attention to how to expand the business. Even the toughest challenges of the industry are easily solvable with our PoS.

Customer Relationship Management:

The Core Aspect Of Your Business Like any other retail trade, footwear intrinsically depends on patrons. When you know what your customer wants, what their tastes are, and what size they wear, you treat them right. And treating a patron well is key to a booming footwear shop. The PoS software by Wondersoft helps you attain the goal of ‘customer is king.’ It tracks previous purchases and keeps a record of every little detail. These details you can access to make the patron feel special and remembered.

Perfect footwear POS Solution to boost your shoe store sales and traffic

Get A Competitive Edge With Wondersoft's Shoe Store POS software, a perfect mix of right features with no extra overhead.

Footwear PoS Software: Step-Up Your Technology

The time when only the most loyal customers were notified personally when new shoe stock rolled-in is long gone. The present era demands a quicker response and a wider one. A footwear point of sale systems lets you leverage both these qualities and more. It assists your business in implementing technology to its utmost.

Direct and quick access to every patron.

The software maintains a database of all customers. So, after stock replenishment, each patron is notified automatically. Moreover, the same contact details can be used to inform customers of offers, discounts, and promotions via email or messages.

Mobile transaction counters.

The most prominent technological feature a footwear pos software tenders is the capability of completing a transaction from anywhere in the store. Using the mobile POS option, your customer can choose and purchase a pair of shoes right from where they are without moving a muscle!

Get transparency and better intelligence.

The management software lets you track every SKU in your store automatically, which means inventory never becomes a headache again. Moreover, using the intelligence tools, a performance report can be generated which tells you how well the business is doing in real time!

Get complete security along with scalability.

Wondersoft’s PoS systems come with both on-premise and in-cloud options, and each one is completely secure. We ensure that you get to serve the customer with the guarantee that each transaction is safe. Furthermore, our software is easily scalable because we understand that change and growth are in the very nature of footwear industry!

Footwear Inventory Management: You Are In Charge!

When it comes to the finances of your footwear store, our management system doesn’t skip a beat. From sales to supplier account, from a customer account to purchase account, each segment is kept track of, at all times. To ensure that we take care of all the nitty-gritty of your store that makes business better, the footwear PoS also creates statements such as:

  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Losses

By providing you this information, the billing software puts the reins in your hands. While the system does the mundane tasks, you focus on finding strategies the fatten your profit line.

Running A Beneficial Business With Footwear Billing Software

Starting from the crucial billing and ending with the ever-present inventory, our PoS software has every feature integrated into it. When you choose our software to be part of your footwear store, you manage a profitable business with advantages like:

  • Less cost of stock holding.
  • Better margins with low investment.
  • The staff focused on performance and not menial tasks to improve efficiency.
  • Customers who remain loyal and bring in repeat business time and again.
  • Complete control of all transactions with the ability to cancel or edit a purchase at any point.

Wondersoft’s retail management software supports your every step of the way. Whether you are implementing the software for the first time or expanding to a new location, we aid you at every phase.

  • The system allows for easy setup.
  • An intelligent PoS gives quicker checkouts.
  • Smart inventory turns the storage space productive.
  • Loyalty programs help life up sales.
  • Financial accounts are effortlessly maintained.
  • Change in footwear trends can be tracked to keep up with times.

Robust, Unique & Result-Oriented Footwear PoS Software

While the billing system by Wondersoft is unique to adapt to your shop’s needs, it is simple to use. Your employees needn’t be tech-savants to leverage every feature of the software. We specifically created a system that can be utilised by anyone. The graphical interface has an intuitive method of usage. Once you see how to complete a transaction, repeating it on your own is effortless. The bar code reader that comes with the software automatically feeds in information like size, design, and item code. It signifies that the employee doesn’t waste time to type in the data, manually, and sales are that much faster!

Additionally, the footwear management system focuses on getting results. To this end, we added a flexible payment option. During checkout, the software can accept:

  • Cash
  • debit cards
  • credit cards
  • gift cards
  • Transfer through apps.

And if you are worried about downtime? Don’t. There is none. Our footwear inventory management systems can work even when offline!

The last but a pivotal attribute of Wondersoft’s footwear PoS is inventory management even across multiple storage units. A shoe store has unique inventory needs because each footwear comes with myriads of sub- categories like size, shade, brand, etc. A smart point of sale management system dynamically organises inventory so that tracking is straightforward and no SKU is left gathering dust. At Wondersoft, we proffer a footwear software that puts a check mark in front of both attributes.

With seamless integration of checkout counters, logistics, and back-end inventory, our footwear PoS allows you to look after your customer at any given point!