Grow Your Business With The Best Electrical Shop Billing And Inventory Management Software

Wondersoft specializes in electronic store management software to help you stay ahead of your peers. Manage your inventory and make informed decisions with our range of services. Our cloud-based point of sale software is designed exclusively for computer stores and electronic outlets. Wondersoft products are compatible with all types of Android phones, from a small handset to a large tablet.

Retail Solutions That Incorporate Vital Processes Like Billing And Inventory Management

IMEI/Serial Number Tracking

At Wondersoft, you can find software to help you track individual IMEI numbers for mobile phones. We efficiently achieve through mobile-driven technology.
Stock control
A new product is available in the market, while the archaic ones move out. At Wondersoft we ensure that updating of stock information is an easy process. Our inventory management fetches great profits, and we also provide a multi-location stock transfer. For maximum efficiency, we insist on maintaining a minimum stock of items to ensure they are available to your customers. Also, ensure that these products are always close to hand so that they can be sold to the customer. Keep a tab on all these details through our eShopAid. Other benefits include: 1. Order management 2. Sales and billing 3. Loyalty coupons and replenishing goods

Inventory Management

Wondersoft has smart tools, so you meet the demands of your customers. In the case of seasonal rush and holiday offers, we help you stay ahead of the demand curve. Wondersoft ensures immediate availability of a product, offline and online billing, accurate inventory management and establishing links between your store and product.

Point Of Sale Software For Retail Stores Specializing In Electronics
Wondersoft believes in providing you with the best and reliable POS software for electrical and electronics outlets. Electronic point of sale system ensures safety in every click. Wondersoft takes pride in offering electronic POS software to prevent fraudulent activity. Some of its outstanding features have been enumerated below.

Use Analytics To Boost Your Electronic Store

Real-time reports pertaining to inventory, sales, products, and employees are essential to make fast decisions. At Wondersoft, we offer tracking reports for each brand, incentive reports for each salesperson and purchase reports to help you predict future sales. This is equal to seeing your report card every day, mapping your sales and growth.

Secure and safe transactions

In order to reduce fraudulent transactions, our Web-based POS is kept safe with both user and group verification process. All user login details coupled with proper communication goes a long way in building a secure organisation. For detailed information on all electrical shop management software, call Wondersoft for assistance.