Top Features In Pos Software For Bakery

Bakeey POS systemBaking is a science and it is an art. To thrive, you need to mix the right ingredients in the correct quantities and precise manner. Like baking, running a bakery takes the same skill. Even if you are making tasty delights, there are chances that the business is not booming. One reason for this might be the bakery POS system you use. When you utilise the accurate Point of Sale software for bakery, you ensure that your little business delivers the perfect customer experience. Today we investigate the top features Wondersoft’s bakery POS offers to you.

POS Software For Bakery Offers Speed

A POS for bakery that is just right for the business provides speed. Every bakery requires a system that ensures that the queue moves quickly and every customer is out of the door as fast as possible. Speed becomes critical during peak hours and season. Any time the bakery is swamped with customers, it is essential that billing takes a short time to not loose waiting clients. When you implement a bakery POS system, customer order management and fulfilment become efficient. At peak times, you can have more than one fixed cash register. You can use tablets and mobile devices for billing and cash.

Additionally, this freedom to move about the floor supports upselling. You can directly interact with the customer on the sales floor and push new products. Sales not only become faster but even more profitable than before.

Bakery POS Helps In Ingredient Management

A lot of small bakeries face the issue of running out of stock on specific items. This can be particularly off-putting to customers. A customer is quickly disenchanted when they learn that the baked good they want is not in stock because you don’t have the necessary ingredient to make it. Since the baked product cannot be made with improvised ingredients, it becomes crucial to maintain stock. The POS system of Wondersoft helps track each component efficiently. Every material you use can be entered into the database with complete details like cost, vendor info, unit of measurement, etc.

Every time the item is used, you can enter the volume consumed. Once a baked good is sold the software will automatically adjust the stock of each ingredient that was used to make it. When the stock level falls to a set limit, the system will alert you to re-order it. The alert comes well in advance so that there is not even a single day when you are short of ingredients. If you are a bakery that works on a custom order, this feature can be advantageous. An updated list of stock can help you retain a customer.

Retail Bakery POS Builds Customer Relationships

Retail bakery pos systems that are effective give the freedom to create a comprehensive customer profile of each person who has visited your bakery. Wondersoft’s POS has this feature. Some of the details that the system captures are:Bakery POS

  • Contact info
  • Email
  • Address

The data also entails the time the visit occurred and what they bought. When you have this information in hand you can use it to present better offers and promotions to the customer. The consumer gets an improved experience, faster service and leaves more satisfied. At increased traffic times you can employ the data to anticipate which products will be most needed. Trends can be tracked based on what was purchased by which consumer demographics.
In today’s age, the customer is becoming more and more connected with their favoured brands. Social media platforms and emails are just some channels that bakeries and other businesses use to reach out to customers. Thus, building a loyal-relationship has become more accessible and harder both. Because there are so many touch points delivering a cohesive experience to the consumer is not as easy. A POS system can help make the process more straightforward and coherent.

Ultimately it is necessary to find a POS software for a bakery that is not only capable of handling every transaction but much, much more. It should give you absolute control over your bakery and business. At Wondersoft, we provide this and further features to guarantee that your bottom line is thicker than before.