Manage your operations with Retail Bakery & Confectionery Shop Management POS Software

We have designed a bakery and confectionery management software which helps you to increase your profits and organise your bakery operations. Managing inventory and keeping track of sales is not an easy task!That is why, we at Wondersoft, offer cost-effective and reasonably priced solutions to help manage business better. With nearly 10000+ installations, we have stood steady for the past 2 decades.

Bakery ERP software from Wondersoft

Wondersoft’s software for bakers is designed to help them run their bakery business smartly and efficiently. Few of the services we provide include the following:
Point of sale Touch-screen monitors and user-friendly interfaces allow fast transactions. Our eShopaid is based on a cloud model and suited for all retail stores and outlets that are widespread. It has features like warehouse management, e-commerce and order management.
Inventory management Keeping a tab on the supply of goods is no cake-walk. At Wondersoft, we help you make local purchases and transfer available stock. Our Stock Check feature is used to sort your products by batches or product wise. We generate reports and sync the data to Shopaid (our cloud-based model) to avoid any altering of information.

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) management Wondersoft’s KOT software assists you in allotting tables to customers, taking orders and billing. We help you from order to generation of bill, keep track of service charges on home delivery options and table maintenance. Working with paper printouts of customer’s orders is messy. With our Kitchen Display Systems (or KDS), Wondersoft simplifies the process of taking orders and swiping them.
Build better relationships with customer (CRM) Wondersoft’s Kiosk helps your brand connect with customers through regular feedback, social media interaction and product display on screen. Your clients can browse through all the categories of items in store, and make a purchase later. We help you in effective promotion through combo offers, coupon codes and gift vouchers to customers. New customers are identified through interaction on social media. Wondersoft is a trusted choice when it comes to bakery management software.

Wholesale bakery POS software

Our bakery software features touch POS integration with WhoIsIn. This feature is used for billing with attendance. We help you generate incentives for the salesman whoever is eligible. We require that the employee has to be logged in to avail this feature. In case they are not available online, their names are not displayed on the billing screen. Wondersoft uses high-end technology to help your business reach greater heights.