Touch POS Integration with Whoisin


Whoisin is our effective Web-based Biometric attendance management solution where it is enriched with Touch POS integration featuring accuracy in Billing & attendance to be in proper sync.

The reason for introducing this is accuracy in the billing along with the attendance. This helps the Client to generate incentives if applicable to their salesmen. Appointment can be created for the employee, however if that employee has not punched IN, then his / her name will not get reflected in the Billing screen. In case the employee has punched IN, then his name will get reflected in the Billing screen.

Touch POS Integration has been implemented in many Salons & Spas. In salons if an employee is present and has punched in for attendance it gets automatically integrated with billing screen so when he does billing his name will appear.

If an employee tries to generate false bills where a particular employee is not present on that particular day and some other employee who is present on that day tries to help the other one generating false bill his name will not appear in billing screen because his attendance punch is not registered for that particular day.

Hence Billing- Attendance Sync is implemented and Employee false billing is henceforth prevented by this Touch POS Integration functionality!