Handle your business easily with the mobile software that makes the world smaller


Mobile devices in retail business is a Game Changer these days, businesses are moving towards mobile based billing software to curtail costs and most importantly improve customer experience. Wondersoft leverages its domain expertise with 20 years of market experience in providing the business critical functions on the mobile devices to make life easy for the stores and for the customers.

eShopAid [Mobile]

eShopaid mobile is an extension of eShopaid with business critical features ported on to a mobile device. It could range from a 4" mobile to a 10" Tablet, the application is responsive enough to handle these different aspect ratios.
  • Billing
  • Bill Copies
  • Bill Cancellation
  • Till Operations (Open, Declaration)
  • Petty Cash Maintenance
  • Order taking Call center Integration
    • Location wise Dashboard
    • Call center Dashboard
    • Order Transfer
    • Order Modification
    • Order Cancellation
  • Sync enabled (online / offline)
  • Barcode scanning
  • Reports

Kitchen Order Ticket [KOT]

The Wondersoft mobile KOT can automate the service process right from allotting tables to order taking through billing, improving the customer experience by multi-folds.
  • Hall Maintenance
  • Table Maintenance
  • Dynamic Delivery Types (Configurable)
  • Order Ticket
    • Print to Kitchen
    • Configurable Modifier (user preference) options
    • Service charges on various Delivery Types
  • Order Continue
  • Order to Bill generation
  • Bill Settlement (with / without denominations)

Kitchen Display Systems [KDS]

It is usually a tough challenge to work with paper printouts in the restaurant Kitchens. Wondersoft makes life easy by introducing its KDS product with user friendly options to service and swipe orders away.
  • Kitchen Dashboard
  • Department wise
    • Configurable display
    • Workflow (Sequential / Random)
    • Status tracking
  • Retrieve completed orders

Mobile Order

Wondersoft Mobile Order product suite helps the Distributors in taking instant orders from Retailers making the ordering process totally seamless with service at door step experience.
  • Sales Order capture
    • Area wise
  • Retailer outstanding
  • Stock Checking (On / Off)
  • Offer Availability
  • New Product Alerts
  • Sync Enabled (Online / Offline)


It is always a great experience for customers to browse through the categories and products in a store before making a purchase, a touch screen experience creates a great impact on the business and the products. Further integrating the experience with social networking helps in advertising the business and its products at literally no cost.
  • Product details (Image / MRP) display
  • Drill down to specific product
  • Customer facing
  • Feedback
  • Social Networking integration (Facebook, Twitter)

Stock Check

Stock check in retails stores is usually a cumbersome & time consuming process, the mobile Stock Check product helps in saving lot of time and manual effort by automatically synching the stock check results with the inventory providing instant reports for comparison.
  • Stock Checking
    • Batch wise stock
    • Product wise stock
  • Options
    • Rack wise
    • Category wise
    • Manufacture wise
    • Location wise
  • Barcode scanning
  • Sync to Shopaid (handles discrepancy)
  • Reports