Store And Inventory Management System For Retail Stores, Pharmacies, Clinics, etc.,

The level of success that we at Wondersoft experience is directly linked to the extensive range of products that we offer to our clients. And, it is a matter of pride when we declare that our client base is not restricted to only one niche or sector. Our software solutions run a gamut from a comprehensive store management software to a reliable pharmacy management system. Some of our top notch offerings are Touch POS- WhoIsIn to ERP Integration to retail inventory management software like ShopAid. We even offer loyalty solutions through our software eShopaid.
The software comes integrated with Loyalty solutions like:
  • Capillary, it makes mobile, social media and even e-commerce marketing as easy as 1-2-3
  • Easy Rewardz, India’s first social collaborative rewards marketplace
  • One Rewardz, the best in providing detailed real-time analytics on your top customers
Each loyalty solution is meant to increase customer engagement, therefore increase the success of your brand. For more than twenty years we have successfully provided software solutions to a whole array of industries with a deeper focus on retail and distribution sectors.

Billing And Accounting Software With The Power Of Cloud Integration

The one aspect which is common to every business is accounting. Therefore, we at Wondersoft offer the best billing software available in India with a niche focus on sales and distribution software. A refined solution for all retailers, the pos systems for retail, can be easily installed and has a user-friendly interface as well. It makes use of Dot Net and SQL Server technology to interconnect all POS terminals with a database that is accessible from anywhere via the Internet.

A Comprehensive POS With Inventory Management, Control And Tracking System

To automate even the most simple of retail shops, we recommend, you utilize our Retail Point of sale software, Shopaid.Net. The same retail solution can also be used for high volume stores. The Retail Management Solutions offered includes variable operations including POS, Billing, order management and even an inventory control system. The software is an ideal solution for every business at any sector, ranging from healthcare to apparel.