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The Pharma Industry is a risk prone sector, as medication is a significant factor, and any form of deterioration or error in administration, can adversely impact the health of the individual. Maintaining a medical store requires a keen sense, as it involves the adherence to several rules and norms, like keeping in mind the expiry date, deciphering the doctor’s prescription, etc. To have a tighter grip on such nuances, Wondersoft, a pioneer in providing retail pos software, offers a highly reliable pharmacy software that helps medical shops ease the burden of their employees. With ERP for Medical Store, the optimal management of drugs becomes much easier. The pharmacy software allows for batch tracking, block billing of drugs to customers and even alerts on drugs that are soon going to expire. Through our web-based medical billing software, one can easily manage the return of expired drugs to vendors for return credit. Our healthcare software products even allow product equivalents of a particular drug, just based on the composition, making for quick sales of alternative brands, if a particular brand of medication is not available.

Top Features


Batch & Expiry Management

One-Stop Solution for Efficient Expiry Management

Define your own short expiry, automatically move the products to the short expiry location, customize whether or not to allow billing for short expiry, choose automatic return to the supplier, display marquee for expired products.


Customer Reminders & Re-order Tracking

Improve Customer Loyalty through Reminders

Setting the Reminder for customers is a configurable option in our POS. Set the next reminder date with every bill, view the reminder alerts when raising the bill for the customer. View reports on customer reminder list.


Drug Combination & Substitutes

Flexible Drug Equivalent Display system

Capability for every store to manage their own drug equivalents, drug manufacture details. The store will be able to download the drug equivalents when online. Display equivalent drug at any point of time on demand. 

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