10 Must Have Features in Retail POS Solutions

How POS Software Solution has become de-facto for Retail Industries

Point of Sale serves as a best friend for retailers. It functions better than the traditional cash registers. It collects sufficient data by incorporating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution with POS (Point of Sales) software to develop an end to end scheme, offering a complete recognition of customer behavior and confirming the business is as well-organized as possible. If you are thinking to integrate POS Software for Retail Business, here are top 10 features you should know.

Qualities that Define a good Retail billing software

  1. Efficient and quick checkouts: The POS software should perform the billing Full View of a Cash register POS used at a Retail Storeprocess simple and easier. It is double benefit for the customer as well as for the cashier. Nowadays, the POS software comes with pre-programmed touchscreen buttons. It helps the sales reps to easily choose and enter the details in a quick time. If the process is complicated, it may take a long time for them to enter a customer’s bill. It is almost like using an iPad and remains familiar for employees. Moreover, it is easy to learn and master the latest retail POS software.
  2. Shared data: The majority of POS software is now connected to the marketing departments, customer service, and accounting departments. It transfers important information about the product sales and inventory and makes the entire job better. For example, A cashier can scan the promotional code given by the customer to the marketing team, where they can get an idea of which promotional offer has attracted the customer.
  3. Inventory tracking: One of the time-consuming tasks in a business is managing inventory. The business owner spends enough time to track and manage inventory in their business. With the help of POS system, they can monitor and purchase according to the existing inventory levels. They would know what is coming inside and going outside their business.
  4. Managing orders: Another interesting feature of the billing software is an automatic ordering feature. When the stock gets reduces, the software would automatically place an order with the supplier. The new sales order, as well as the bill, gets generated in quick time. All these complicated tasks are possible in few minutes with the installation of POS. When the manager authorizes, the orders go out to the vendor.
  5. Promotions: If you are thinking to run promotions to make an impressive business, you can easily perform with the help of POS tool. You do not have to update or change prices manually when you are running a sale. The POS software would make necessary changes when you enter the discount or offer percentage.
  6. Eases of use: The POS system is simple to use and learn. The sales or the billing associates can learn without any pre-qualifications. Most POS systems are designed in such a way that it is easy to use. It benefits the entire organization by minimizing costs, disruption and saving time.
  7. E-commerce: If you are thinking to expand customer base, POS software makes it easily possible. Customers are preferring online purchase more and more in recent days. You can set up your digital store and sell the products online. You can also check how the customers are reacting to your business at the start and slowly establish your online business on a grand level.
  8. Shipping integration: The POS software serves to deliver the products to clients with various services. The shipping information is directly shared to the customer and they can get real-time data about their products. It includes shipping methods and also printing out labels at the time of registration. The tracking details feature help them to plan other things accordingly.
  9. Real-time report: By integrating POS software, you can get real-time information about the business. You would know the profit you have made for a day or month. The complete payment information will display in break down scheme.
  10. Get information any place: The managers of the business can get real-time updates from any place and at any time. When the POS software and the system is connected to the internet, the sales and inventory information will be shared on cloud. The managers and other senior officials can get accurate details any time.