Endless Aisle

I. Business Challenges

  • Brick and mortar store inventory will be limited based on store sizing and investment capacity, If a customer prefers to buy a product that is out-of-stock in the store, It will lead to sale loss in that store and customer.
  • Customer Loyalty: Repulse purchases are limited for brick-and-mortar retailers.
  • Online retailers may suffer brand loyalty, as shoppers instantly look elsewhere for available stock-outs can reduce foot and digital traffic.
  • Shoppers may choose to switch brands.
  • Customers visit the outlet interested in specific items, but specific colour or size not available in the store accepting to arrange from another outlets/warehouse. This is due to the lack of visibility of inventory across the entire retail outlet chain.
II. Solution Options

Reservation / Serving across the network can fit into the Endless Aisle concept

  • Increase the sales by capturing orders for out-of-stock items and fulfil from nearby stores, distribution centres or transferring orders to nearby stores to service the customer.

  • Dropshipping and virtual merchandising in terms of Endless Aisle. A retailer’s ability to sell out-of-stock items to in-store customers or sell online items that are not kept in local inventory.

  • Endless aisle is used to equip sales staff with access to other stock points including another store and warehouse inventory. Sales associates can present these options to consumers and provide a better customer experience when items are out of stock.

III. Benefits for Retailers by Wondersoft eShopaid

Business improvement

  • Avoid losing customers and revenue to the competitor due to out-of-stock items
  • Provide faster assistance to customers
  • Lesser investments on Inventory
  • Inventory Visibility & Reservations

Inventory Visibility & Reservations

  • Equip sales executive with real-time product inventory data across store locations and distribution centres.
  • Provide access to accept or reject the orders based on product conditions
  • Block the inventory and move the stock to the reserved location

Order Capture and Fulfillment

  • Improve order fulfilment by routing to nearby stores for home delivery or pickup.

Pick Up from Another Store

  • Enable sales executives to check a nearby store’s inventory and place an order on the customer’s behalf.
  • Enable Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online Return In-Store (BORIS) to increase online conversions and average order values.

Integration with other channels / OMS / Online-to-offline (O2O) *

  • Share Inventory through API with external OMS providers or standard connectors for aggregator

Click and Collect

  • Enable Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online Return In-Store (BORIS) to increase online conversions and average order values.

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