Emerging Features Retailers Look Forward in A POS Billing

Retail POS enhance the overall Retail Management Experience

The retail POS software is becoming popular day by day mainly because of its exclusive features and affordability. It has become an indispensable tool in most business centers. As customers demand customized shopping experience and business depend on information to make cleverer business decisions, the POS software is becoming a center of attraction for all. It is the main area where actions can be decided and taken. It is the intersection and touchpoint where real-time business dealings and business logic meet.

If you are a business owner, you need to stay updated about latest trends and developments of ERP integrated POS billing software. It helps you to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Tablet POS and Mobile Payments for Retailers

Close up image of a Open sign placed in a retail store front

Large companies such as Google, Samsung, and Apple are allowing mobile payments through mobile phones and offering customers an easy way to make payments. It is possible to see several brick and mortar workshops offering mobile dependent POS systems that allow mobile payments, as well as traditional card and cash payments. In a recent survey, it has proved that more than 30% of business owners are offering card and mobile payment options other than usual cash payment method.

More personalized and seamless customer shopping experience: If a business knows well about its customers, it can easily personalize and provide services according to their requirements. One of the surveys has proved that only 78% of customers agree that they would purchase or use a brand that provides promotional discounts or offers as per their previous interactions. The customers do not want a common promotional offer or discount. They are looking for an exclusive promotional offer that is designed as per their requirement. At the same time, another research has clarified that 63% of people get frustrated with the brand that sends general marketing advertisements.

If you wish to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers, you need to think about offering a personalized shopping experience. The customers keep looking for unique and customized shopping experience across various facet and channel of the business. Omni channel is the right buzzword connected to this feature.

For instance, when a customer enters your shop and asks for a dress. Unfortunately, when you are out of stock a particular size, the next thing you can do is placing the order on spot. The stock will be directly delivered to the customer’s home without any shipping cost.

Social media: Nowadays, customers are reaching business owners in all means. It is important to remain active in social media. When they visit your website and also see your brand presence in social media, it gives them the confidence to purchase. Moreover, they can enjoy the same customer experience in all the channels.

POS Systems With Artificial Intelligence Is Not Far Fetched Thing Now

AI is the latest trends in POS software. It can perform various tasks without human intervention. Some latest features are predictive text, sending emails, language translation and speech recognition. AI plays an important part in marketing for several years. If you have an email from an online business saying that ‘thanks for making a purchase or items waiting in your cart’ are the effect of AI. It actively works in the background. It is possible to see more Artificial Intelligence involvement in various business applications. It helps the companies to automate certain repetitive tasks and discover customer’s journey through digital and data touch points.

Tablet POS through Cloud Computing for Retailers

Nowadays, all the tablet POS schemes are based on cloud-based solutions. It means the services, software, and the data are offered to the customers on demand from the servers of service providers. It means the services perform all the entire process of securing and storing the data, which you do not have to worry about.

Most small businesses do not have the luxury to purchase the network infrastructure, which covers the major expense. Recently, the cost of this feature is reduced with the help of cloud technology and SAAS (software as a service) business models. It was recently established and has helped the retailers to experience a reasonable cost system. Before, it was available only for large businesses.

It is, therefore, we can expect to see a various range of cloud-based applications which can be either integrated or standalone with other business solutions like accounting software or POS system.